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Dr.Tara C. Smith is one of the original Gang Of Four(teen) here at Scienceblogs.com. She blogs on her Aetiology as well as contributes to Panda’s Thumb and Correlations group blogs. At the 2nd Science Blogging Conference last month Tara moderated the session on Blogging public health and medicine. Welcome to A Blog Around The Clock.…

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Doing what little one can to increase the general stock of knowledge is as respectable an object of life, as one can in any likelihood pursue. – Charles R. Darwin Support The Beagle Project Read the Beagle Project Blog Buy the Beagle Project swag Prepare ahead for the Darwin Bicentennial Read Darwin for yourself.

1-2-3, the Goosed/Book meme

Oh-oh, it seems it’s a meme season again! I’ll dutifully do them, one at a time. Today – the good old 123 book meme, which memeticized over time into being called “Goosed meme”. I was tagged by Lance Mannion who was hoping that the book closest to me is the OpenLab07. Sorry. It’s not. It…

May you be Onion in interesting times….

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

My picks from ScienceDaily

Snakes Locate Prey Through Vibration Waves: It is often believed that snakes cannot hear. This presumption is fed by the fact that snakes lack an outer ear and that scientific evidence of snakes responding to sound is scarce. Snakes do, however, possess an inner ear with a functional cochlea. Masters Of Disguise: Secrets Of Nature’s…

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Psique Guadalupe Storm-Petrel Ectoplasmosis Gallicissa Sorting Out Science

This is an exciting day at PLoS and, after having to keep my mouth shut for a couple of months about it, I am really happy to be free to announce to the world that my friend and excellent science blogger Jonathan Eisen is now officially the Academic Editor-in-Chief of PLoS Biology. The editors have…

There are a bunch of new papers in PLoS Biology and PLoS Medicine and, somewhat out of usual schedule, in PLoS ONE. So, check out these and then look around for more: Does Mutation Rate Depend on Itself: Many a research paper, textbook chapter, and grant proposal has begun with the phrase “Mutation is the…

Sheril Kirshenbaum on ScienceDebate2008

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