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  1. #1 ReBecca
    March 29, 2008

    Has the person ranking Sci-Fi movies ever even seen a real sci-fi, or do they just chew their bubble gum and listen to their Brittney cd’s? Good grief…

  2. #2 Left_Wing_Fox
    March 29, 2008

    GATTACA and the Truman show are in my favorite movies list. The only problem I have with GATTACA is that much of the second-classing of “natural” kids happens through the mechanism of privatized health care and the “Pre-existing condition”, which are somewhatr alien concepts to universal health care systems. Still powerful as a defense of the disabled in our own culture, and a harrowing look at second-class status of all people in general.

    There was also a link in the comments there to “Cracked” magazine’s list of 8 sci-fi movies that have already been disproven.

    On that list Robocop was rightfully added. However, it has a rather precient prediction: The prevalence of a massive inefficient gas-guzzling car marketed purely on jingoistic pride and named after a blowjob.

    In the movie, it was the 6000 SUX. In reality, it’s the Hummer.

    Also before Bush, I would have thought Death Race 2000’s president blaming France for America’s ills was preposterous. Then came the run-up to the iraq war… Freedom Fries, anyone?

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