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My picks from ScienceDaily

Evolution Of New Species Slows Down As Number Of Competitors Increases: The rate at which new species are formed in a group of closely related animals decreases as the total number of different species in that group goes up, according to new research. The research team believes these findings suggest that new species appear less…

April In Belgrade

Since I will be in Belgrade in April, this song is quite appropriate: You can find the lyrics in Serbian here and a pretty decent translation here. I remember this song since when I was a little kid. Thirty five years ago, when he was a contestant on the Eurovision (see his 1973 spot), Zdravko…

The age of the machine

Of course, after watching them do this for a year, I find this picture (found in a number of places around the internet) particularly funny

Isaac Newton….

…Savior or Satan?

Earth Hour

Tomorrow, March 29th, 2008 at 8pm local time, switch off all the lights for an hour! Join the millions participating in Earth Hour (of course there is a Facebook group, full of information). Apart from the obvious idea of saving energy, it is important to also remember that light pollution has strong negative effects on…

Tourists in space?

Henry Cate is liveblogging the Space Access 2008 meeting. Tourists in space? Of course! And the trip will be liveblogged as well.

Today’s carnivals

Gene Genie #24 is up on Greg Laden’s blog. Carnival of the Liberals #61 is up on Last Left Turn Before Hooterville. Friday Ark #184 is up on Modulator.

Support Jay Ovittore

I have announced before my support for my friend and blogger Jay Ovittore in his race to unseat the Republican Congressman Howard Coble. But before he can get there, he first needs to defeat the establishment Democrats in the primaries, still not easy for a true Progressive here in North Carolina. The last day of…

This week’s PLoS Computational Biology is chockful of interesting articles, including these: Open Access: Taking Full Advantage of the Content: This Journal and the Public Library of Science (PLoS) at large are standard bearers of the full potential offered through open access publication, but what of you, the reader? For most of you, open access…