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Henry and I took Heidi the dog on a long walk around Cromer and East Runton, enjoying the scenery….



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The church in Cromer is waaaaaay too big:


Cromer crabs, on the pier:


The beach – the rocks on the beach are from late Cretacious, while the cliffs surrounding it are from Pleistocene:


Heidi loves to dig in the sand:

i-915af4c8e14782372f9cbfa02af372ca-Diggingest dog.jpg

Henry’s beach house:

i-01c6b1f9de8705609ee826b0f045bff9-Henry's beach house.jpg

i-85ba97aecc9bacd1408b19b154ed4318-Henry's beach house 2.jpg

About noon, we got tired and hungry, so we ate at a Bistro where dogs are allowed:

i-e4fa91db42b7faba3251667f36fea171-Bistro in Cromer.jpg
i-dbcca6efa6bc3d1878658b766f31e5fb-Bistro in Cromer 2.jpg

On the walk back, we passed through East Runton:

i-f2946b3a44884929c0bd4c263cd7f3aa-Duck pond.jpg
i-22ae48bb793489c618bfe6ebcab29f3b-East Runton Ducks.jpg
i-3da9c35df8cecb8c51b813a8a8f5fb59-East Runton Geese.jpg
i-534eaafb194cda7ddb247c28be01fbe6-East Runton Sheep.jpg
i-d98340bec04cac11e18d0d135e828b33-East Runton Horse.jpg
i-41550b938417895174de556b7a64cce9-East Runton Horse 2.jpg

And hidden in the woods, is this memento of the most famous event in Cromer ever:

i-2ca0f3a79e606d513be3e8ca48b7e5ef-Sex Pistol.jpg

Finally home, we discovered that Professor Steve Steve was missing, and instead there was this impostor:

i-cc1c32a475b91eb37cde9fbd522f1424-Steve Steve Impostor.jpg


  1. #1 andy
    June 18, 2008

    It sure is a great part of the world

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