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More pictures from Daquise, as the alcohol levels in circulation rose… and everyone started singing….

i-51d6e3c024373d5ec6d04a5518366e9f-Eurotrip08 058.jpg
i-adbe82f6623a2cadd581c6b0e1587547-Eurotrip08 059.jpg
i-218afb7f1198a1a496109fdfd4800b7e-Eurotrip08 060.jpg
i-88ac6e4b59b858067e64af769a0be4b1-Eurotrip08 061.jpg
i-5bf91c30b2fba666566c5f21e44ae46c-Eurotrip08 062.jpg
i-75c2224d38f82605a67a7e81b72e5283-Eurotrip08 063.jpg
i-e7d0ee894f2090a2ce459e1aa40cee32-Eurotrip08 064.jpg
i-aed501f01ba490c5214eff2839b109d9-Eurotrip08 065.jpg
i-27d67a82864a905b08afe78ddc1fee1a-Eurotrip08 066.jpg


  1. #1 nunatak
    April 13, 2008

    Bora, you really have a knack for posting the most flattering pictures of everyone!

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