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After the Museum visit, we went to a nearby pub (Queen’s Arms) where we could not get a table, but could get beer and stand outside, until we froze. We were joined by several other people, including Joe, MissPrism, my SciBling Nick and a highschool friend of mine Liliana and her husband.

MissPrism and Selva:

i-ad3470be99e059923dbb81ef85e4f787-Eurotrip08 044.jpg
i-779c8ac2f8c118ab1f645eb0bde71929-Eurotrip08 045.jpg

Liliana and her husband:

i-7d6a29b9dbf2c2c27d29e72066593bfc-Eurotrip08 046.jpg
i-3166c25e2dd55d3a837ec9f1e8db759c-Eurotrip08 047.jpg