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Here are, quickly for now, some pictures from the yesterday’s panel “Open Access; let’s do it: top down, bottom up or both?” Stevan Harnad did his presentation first via Skype (from Montreal) which was, unfortunately, not recorded. The rest of the session was recorded and at some time in the future will become available online – I will let you know when this happens.

Since most of the panel discussed institutional library repositories, I felt I needed to focus entirely on the “other Open Access”, i.e., the OA journals, especially PLoS. More later….(also it seems that the wifi at the hotel is working better today).

The first picture is of the empty room – I forgot to take the “after” picture of the full room, but believe me it was:

i-17b2813999eebcff5d9c6d084597b3de-conference room empty.jpg

Preparation for the panel:

i-475a6776419045689c755250d00f1bc4-panel1 - preparation.jpg
i-0111feb90188c2f0b26b916446995d5e-panel2 - preparation.jpg
i-5af7adb6d8759efc6539bb7b33c5669a-panel3 - preparation.jpg
i-9aa1db7b3b6d250e2237d8301aea4431-panel 4 - preparation.jpg

Getting started:

i-e2f78281b30f5ccd2f74768b0a305a1f-panel5 - starting.jpg

Here we go:


After the panel, Derek proudly shows his new pink Eee to Franc:

i-bc52ccc37c58201cb176bcf1195ff281-Derek and the pink Eee.jpg
i-b0b53564284168ae1775e38bd94a8836-Derek and Franc.jpg


  1. #1 stefania
    April 21, 2008

    stevan’s presentation was recorded – audio was ok, only his face doesn’t show 🙁
    the OA panel and the OA for dummies will soon be stored in our IR
    I’ll let you know

  2. #2 Jordan
    April 24, 2008

    Here we go!
    Stevan’s presentation is now on our IR!
    You can find it here:

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