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Museum of Natural History in Belgrade is 113 years old. Tomorrow, I will go to the main building to talk to people and perhaps check the library and some specimens – there is no real exhibit there. But today I went to the ancient and tiny exhibit building, all the way out on Kalemegdan (the old fortress). Since the space is so small, they can only showcase a small portion of the collection at any given time. These few months, the exhibits is about Skeletons. Very nicely done. I particularly liked a whole series of skeletons of a fox and another series of a rat, both showing the various phases of the movement, i.e., a single big jump. Several of the pieces showed the disarticulated bones, the internal structure of the bones and joints, etc. Extra points for figuring out the identity of a series of small bones attached to a board…

i-42bacf80f8009227262bb719c34777f3-muzej 1.jpg

i-f61596e4437d5d15fbff678436fba5c7-muzej 2.jpg
i-fad593724fa4a787336e2f7f3b374342-muzej 4.jpg
i-e5ce716720faf874375430c382a89d2e-muzej 3.jpg
i-4170c802be670c82876bd56a670bba48-muzej 7.jpg
i-60eac1394d8008b485b00ca984c905cd-muzej 9.jpg
i-4878f3de08b7dfaa3a4627b6ae69f7ee-muzej 26.jpg
i-9b55b1ced84771c7ca2bd39929fff01c-muzej 5.jpg
i-2e890910b08ddc25c7a4560fbef99c73-muzej 6.jpg
i-d96b2971184660c151dc51fe94d7a6c4-muzej 8.jpg
i-43b20b16271412c299e0585cf60d6399-muzej 10.jpg
i-a1cc3d17603ac536fa10c6f9577e04d8-muzej 12.jpg
i-e799c20ae74c60c1628794d8b00567bc-muzej 13.jpg
i-fe4dd4c0de9b9481e4c2b254cd3b56e5-muzej 14.jpg
i-88c14c17a0eae060f5b74000bf3b7913-muzej 15.jpg
i-8dc795cb0467d40ab6723e5e85df4f78-muzej 16.jpg
i-37a8ab290acc96f7851922ace5c4f9b5-muzej 17.jpg
i-86bcd0b89748a96c7df3a59be402e250-muzej 18.jpg
i-80c31eaf555dbb31507bf84572c7979b-muzej 19.jpg
i-b5a892b51833e01f8e8b4e25c97311ca-muzej 20.jpg
i-fbccb4fc570a6a7e39f2789b9755522f-muzej 21.jpg
i-3ae65376bf15b5d6b3b14464938ca3b7-muzej 22.jpg
i-1873a0e2252ccd2745ced9ccb83a1775-muzej 23.jpg
i-f8025781ef04b18b3c70d8c4de4a4949-muzej 24.jpg
i-da01f93be8d6936f8330416d70c692e5-muzej 25.jpg


  1. #1 John McKay
    April 23, 2008

    They look like oosiks, penis bones.

  2. #2 Coturnix
    April 23, 2008

    And I knew, with almost absolute certainty, that it would be you who answered the quiz correctly first. 😉

  3. #3 John McKay
    April 24, 2008

    I’m probably the only one of your regular readers who has a penis bone.

    I have no fear of traveling to the Congo and having my penis stolen by sorcerers. I have the confidence that comes of knowing I have a spare penis safely stored at home.

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