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I walked around town a little bit these days. My feet know the way, even if all the names of streets were changed from WWII National Heroes to saints and medieval princes. It has changed a lot – there are nice new stores, cafes, restaurants and apartment buildings everywhere, the parks are well kept and beautiful, and the people are beautiful and well-dressed. The old, gray, socialist city of my youth is gone and replaced with a modern European city:


This is the Serbian Parliament (formerly Yugoslav Parliament):


In the Pioneer Park, across the street from the Parliament, is the famous WWI-era military guard post, which was built out of stones best suited for fixing stuffed cabbage:

i-b431eaaf88ad0cc8c0325526c02931c6-kamenje 1.jpg
i-9104a52e6d4027d57623d54c054656ba-kamenje 2.jpg

The entrance to one of the stations of the underground railway, which was built since I left – today was the first time in my life that I took a ride on the Belgrade Metro:


Passing by a bookstore – books by and about Pupin, Milankovic, Mokranjac and Tesla:

i-4cb99d44aa814cb41e94f473fae383b4-Pupin, Tesla books.jpg

Serbia is working on joining the EU, its natural business partner. For the locals, the USA is a far-away, strange, and largely inconsequential country. Getting bombed by Americans was akin to the Independence Day – who the hell are these guys and where did they come from? Aliens? Cowboys? What do they want?

i-75f760e15259e48b9d5d9d49c513f0b3-EU sign.jpg