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It took a century to build the St.Sava Cathedral. I remember playing on its foundations as a kid – a great fortress to play in. But the enterior has just begun to be worked on – I am not sure if the pictures can show the immensity of the space in there:

i-fa9852890237cd7a2dd655f6472e3a2b-hram 0.jpg
i-10278a3ddd5019c102064ff8e366e39c-hram 1.jpg
i-fc77362d05349edcced35e646872ed3a-hram 2.jpg
i-ff4bf5365f260d8eef35a63cc651746e-hram 3.jpg
i-1e815f07117301b85d703ccc5b5c0042-hram 4.jpg