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Grunewald station in Berlin is a small, unasuming train station that looks like thousands of such stations around the world. But it is at this spot that thousands of Jews were loaded onto trains to Auschwitz and other places, initially in precise batches of 100 people per day, later increasing to more than a thousand per day, some days skipped, some days seeing two trains off, most well documented, but some trains going off into unknown directions….

i-45e1d86c8151d95324095453507c5b91-Berlin 103.jpg
i-a694a46cfbcf7f89a458a2d63f7e8488-Berlin 104.jpg
i-2901557dd1402fd5f32aa31d02ad1db0-Berlin 105.jpg
i-b47793d329677a3f5d53851920a1eb2b-Berlin 106.jpg
i-91d9312b444433f5b1eb121f45529cb1-Berlin 107.jpg
i-3d56de534d578b38cd24ad8140e63c57-Berlin 108.jpg


  1. #1 PEM
    May 4, 2008

    Thanks for these. I spent a couple of months in Berlin Grunewald last year and passed through this station frequently. It took a bit of puzzling with my broken German to figure out why this station was special.

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