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Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough. – Groucho Marx

My Picks From ScienceDaily

U.S. Reporters Often Do A Poor Job Of Reporting About New Medical Treatments, Analysis Finds: Most medical news stories about health interventions fail to adequately address costs, harms, benefits, the quality of evidence, and the existence of other treatment options, finds a new analysis in this week’s PLoS Medicine. The analysis was conducted by Gary…

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I was wondering what to do about the Classic Papers Chellenge. The deadline is May 31st, and I am so busy (not to mention visiting my dentist twice week which incapacitates me for the day, pretty much), so I decided to go back to the very beginning because I already wrote about it before and…


Every now and then I have some fun and LOL-cat-ize an image from a PLoS ONE paper. See, for instance, LOLdinosaur, LOLtortoise, LOLtasmaniantiger and LOLpterosaur. Folks at the mothership love these. So, if a number of you are up to this I’ll make a Flickr set or Facebook group, or a linkfest. Pick your favourite…


I like Wagner’s music better than any other music. It is so loud that one can talk the whole time without other people hearing what one says. That is a great advantage. – Oscar Wilde

Or 3.5 Albatross wingspans, or 8.1 Alaskan moose antler spans, or 7.6 standard railway gauges, or 5.5 Kobe Bryants, or 2.5 London buses stacked one on top of another. That is how this site converts 12 yards. Try your own measures….

My Picks From ScienceDaily

Mind Over Matter: Monkey Feeds Itself Using Its Brain: A monkey has successfully fed itself with fluid, well-controlled movements of a human-like robotic arm by using only signals from its brain, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine report in the journal Nature. This significant advance could benefit development of prosthetics for people…

Today’s carnivals

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LOL Pterosaurs!

The Pterosaur paper is really hitting the media and blogs today. Of course, it is kind of a blogospheric “baby”. One of the authors is my SciBling Darren Naish, the other author is Mark Witton, and even the Academic Editor who handled the manuscript is a scienceblogger. Darren first broached the idea on his old…