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Blog is software

I’ve said it before and I said it again, and I heard other people say it repeatedly (e.g., Anton): blog is software.

It’s up to every individual (or group, or organization, or company, or political entity) to put it to creative use.

Blog is not content. Content is what someone puts on a blog.

Medium is not the message. Though medium affects the message, of course, and content found on blogs is affected by the ease of use, extremely low cost, and frequency of updating, as well as social communication norms that develop over time.

This, this and this are expansions on that theme, mostly. Interesting reads, nonetheless. What do you think?


  1. #1 Greg Laden
    July 18, 2008

    I was having similar thoughts the other day. Think about the term “blogging” (rather than the noun blog, think of the activity). Every now and then someone comes along with a “blogging code” or mentions “blogging ethics” … I’ve also seen some conversations where people suddenly decide that bloggERS are journalists. (Which is rather offensive to journalists, I’m sure).

    But blogging is like writing, or driving, or a lot of other broadly based activities. The ethics, or codes, don’t come from the blogging, but from the other professional or avocational link… maybe just being a person, maybe a scientist, maybe a community liaison, and in some cases, maybe even a journalist.

    The blog is software. Blogging is programming.

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