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Crayfish, warming up for a fight!

Do you remember this study (also see it here, here, here) we did a few years ago?

Well, I just got my hands on some pictures from the time we did it – just individual animals, not pairs as they fought (we had to pay attention to score behaviors, not waste time on taking pictures):

i-d7d1484b6b1bc441e4950b3dc1cb84d6-NCSU lab 009.jpg

i-6429ca2add8047cdefed554f71c97101-NCSU lab 001.jpg
i-5304ed58e9ce7cffe3760d0d67ee9434-NCSU lab 002.jpg
i-379b7462fca4d65f69ef4712f5757507-NCSU lab 003.jpg
i-447e153e376e52f96c8bd826cb873b91-NCSU lab 004.jpg
i-200c2c348ec982192a62e6b832721fed-NCSU lab 005.jpg
i-b09566b5f4c11a73495aca1cefdc3773-NCSU lab 006.jpg
i-f1eb9cb5eead69fa08e2b20d848abcd6-NCSU lab 007.jpg
i-a49056979ae750ab456f3eca5bbc3ca4-NCSU lab 008.jpg


  1. #1 kevin z
    July 31, 2008

    I’m hungry now!!

  2. #2 Rick MacPherson
    July 31, 2008


    GREAT inquiry-based activity and blog commentary that would be PERFECT for middle-high school science students… this is precisely the sort of curriculum tie-in to blog content that we heard science teachers begging for a few weeks ago at the national marine educators association conference…

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