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Meet The Parents SciBlings

Do you want to spend two hours chatting with Grrrl, Janet, Professor Steve Steve (or two or three of them), me and many more SciBlings and readers?

If yes, this is where you should go:

We’ll be meeting at 2:00 pm on Saturday, August 9, at the Arthur Ross Terrace at the American Museum of Natural History in Central Park. Once there, please head to the cafe tables and chairs set by the trees on the upper terrace, facing the Rose Center. The terrace is accessible from the Theodore Roosevelt Park at 81st Street and Columbus Avenue.

This is an outdoor location with tables and shade, which we thought was best for the large numbers we’re expecting. After we’re all assembled in this spot, if smaller groups are interested in grabbing a coffee or sitting in air conditioning, then we’d be happy to point them to one of several nice cafes nearby.venue will change due to the number of readers who indicated they will come, as well as 30% chance of rain – stay tuned for the new venue announcement!

Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested. We’re all very excited to interact with readers in RealSpace!

You can also announce your intentions and get more info on the FB event page.