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Funny science comics

At Stripped Science. Here is one (I guess this is within the Fair Use principle, you’ll have to click on the link and go there to see the other strips):

Juno and Millie

What is missing here?

On this list (which is now full and closed)? Well, my name. Darn!

Good science on the blogs these days!

Broca’s Area, 1865: This doesn’t sound too out there to us now, but at the time it caused a lot of controversy. The problems wasn’t the localization to the inferior frontal lobe, it was Broca’s claim that it was the LEFT inferior frontal lobe. This didn’t sit well with a lot of scientists at the…

The importance of free speech

Excellent article by Jasmina Tesanovic about the final gasps of the Serbian Radicals (the right-wing nationalists and war-mongers) : A couple of days ago, journalists from various press groups were beaten up by Radical goons; at that point the new government declared Serbian journalists to be equivalent to Serbian police performing public duties, and severely…

Today’s carnivals

The 92nd Skeptics’ Circle is up on The Lay Scientist

Open Access, but not really

Sometimes people ask me what do I have against Green OA (repositories) as opposed to Gold OA (journals) and I have a couple of stock answers to that, usually including a caveat that I do not really have anything against Green OA per se, but the way it is implemented is not good, yet makes…

Crayfish, warming up for a fight!

Do you remember this study (also see it here, here, here) we did a few years ago? Well, I just got my hands on some pictures from the time we did it – just individual animals, not pairs as they fought (we had to pay attention to score behaviors, not waste time on taking pictures):


The subtlety of nature is greater many times over than the subtlety of the senses and understanding. – Francis Bacon