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My picks from ScienceDaily

Searching For Shut Eye: Possible ‘Sleep Gene’ Identified: While scientists and physicians know what happens if you don’t get six to eight hours of shut-eye a night, investigators have long been puzzled about what controls the actual need for sleep. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine might have an answer, at least…

The Web: how we use it

Best time to appreciate Open Access? When you’re really sick and want to learn more about what you have.: * Complete OA still a long way off. One thing I re-learned during this was that it is incredibly frustrating to see how much of the biomedical literature is still not freely available online. Shame on…

Juno (10weeks old)

Sorry, can’t help it:

Is our children learning?

The NYTimes (also International Herald Tribune which I mentioned before) piece on book-reading, the Web and literacy of the new generation, has provoked quite a lot of interesting responses: SciCurious: But this change in internet language has happened very quickly, almost as as fast an an invading force. Is it here to stay? Is I…


Yugoslav boxing legend

Mate Parlov died yesterday. A boxer, a gentleman, and a poet.


This picture was taken four years ago:

PZ is all over the place today!

PZ just had a book review published in Nature: Science and evolution have an advocate in Kenneth Miller, one of North America’s eminent knights-errant, a scientist who is active in defending evolutionary theory in the conflict between evolution and creationism. He has been at the centre of many recent debates about science education, most prominently…

Eric Roston on Colbert Report

Bush or Batman?