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We barely made it to our 6am flight (so we did not get stranded like Sheril), so Mrs.Coturnix an I got to NYC about 7-ish and spend the entire day walking down the Lower East side of Manhattan, from the U.N. to Battery Park, and then took a cab back to the hotel (the last picture) where we started meeting the first SciBlings (next set of pictures, later today):

i-42f41db0f06c6e7dc9c89fbb54239af6-NYC meetup 08 002.jpg
i-ab25d1073882fd5616152a1a96540cb0-NYC meetup 08 003.jpg
i-73fb3b37bdfb95c95f62a0e179a68f58-NYC meetup 08 004.jpg
i-99485c21609c1e864efe3bc274958022-NYC meetup 08 005.jpg
i-dd18278e79b8b724bb813bb5a8923e28-NYC meetup 08 006.jpg
i-ff387ffe83ce7ec89e626f0cc02fbb47-NYC meetup 08 007.jpg
i-8d8bcbf4c0f1ed3ee0b9fcad75b231be-NYC meetup 08 008.jpg
i-fa7181525b5625bec23916e5b80c35c7-NYC meetup 08 009.jpg
i-a7344ebeefa20676e1d40048e161f5d9-NYC meetup 08 010.jpg
i-d9cbbc7d06f17d0122aa1bb4404d0e6b-NYC meetup 08 011.jpg
i-e4851b493c1e27b677e651da17cacd88-NYC meetup 08 012.jpg
i-b978ad8ab621eaba2d514c4e8b25bf93-NYC meetup 08 013.jpg
i-b43c6bca8b496d1603ef77635068d5fe-NYC meetup 08 014.jpg
i-b35e8825de9de932f904d4173340c0e2-NYC meetup 08 015.jpg
i-935d2a173bdaa93cd278aedbe0f26186-NYC meetup 08 016.jpg
i-f52805d122ebe9bdc18556e625256f57-NYC meetup 08 017.jpg
i-d870dcbf9e5168d9b1f8d37477dcb72c-NYC meetup 08 018.jpg
i-bc4405d07817545680223b6f17255fb8-NYC meetup 08 019.jpg
i-7816235b02a91738b13308f95b64de3a-NYC meetup 08 020.jpg
i-1e13ddd6e91003d07912d7b12e157130-NYC meetup 08 021.jpg


  1. #1 Coturnix
    August 12, 2008

    That last pic is of the Millenium UN Plaza – hotel where we all spent these couple of days.

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