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To protect the anonymous, nobody in the pictures is named, tagged or linked in any way. So, you don’t know who is a blogger, who is Seed staffer, who is a reader, except for the few obviously well knows faces:

i-0948f19386e0386fda33bfeb60b4b916-NYC meetup 08 041.jpg

i-ff2b5a153f881462bd89d3a91572db90-NYC meetup 08 038.jpg
i-c81ad7dc9252780dea6e334b9cfa3208-NYC meetup 08 039.jpg
i-01207961c9f94e6b3e96de86016b659d-NYC meetup 08 040.jpg
i-911ce5a30b9da697db0ecb4576320245-NYC meetup 08 042.jpg
i-569d0e9ce4c8e3ed8d16f4e17e1d6487-NYC meetup 08 043.jpg
i-69b685738c5db47a8f0619a154708166-NYC meetup 08 045.jpg
i-6290dedd58798912d21b433689c264f3-NYC meetup 08 046.jpg
i-4a01d1b8497f57ee1a08307da388b894-NYC meetup 08 047.jpg
i-270b3b3630cb000a5615b23655681598-NYC meetup 08 048.jpg
i-a05037bf6b285507c02d29a590dea533-NYC meetup 08 049.jpg
i-7911c79848a06cd18781a9c86696af43-NYC meetup 08 050.jpg
i-fb622d226a02681c12311a87120cd61b-NYC meetup 08 051.jpg
i-d121c9a8c9d31920556a113749b4b473-NYC meetup 08 052.jpg


  1. #1 Bob O'H
    August 10, 2008

    Yeah, who is that guy on the left in the first photo? I’ve seen a similar portrait somewhere.

  2. #2 Susannah
    August 10, 2008

    “…nobody in the pictures is named …”

    And then the very first photo has a picture with the name directly under it, in large capital letters.

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