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To protect the anonymous, nobody in the pictures is named, tagged or linked in any way. So, you don’t know who is a blogger, who is Seed staffer, who is a reader, except for the few obviously well knows faces:

i-5a0c21debf523f821476bd0448135df1-NYC meetup 08 022.jpg

i-6ebb9e39ea930cf07cde77802dba8f4d-NYC meetup 08 023.jpg
i-df1b419e5c1cb7c5e2b45633b872f965-NYC meetup 08 024.jpg
i-0951cc91cf731b48c1d86ac0aa5b8967-NYC meetup 08 025.jpg
i-945f5de357d553b2c3d50d067e6ad503-NYC meetup 08 028.jpg
i-a0e124e8b8ec5ea5d080eb5dcfbdc589-NYC meetup 08 029.jpg
i-e2de1144e2e913f057ccf54eced88d3e-NYC meetup 08 030.jpg
i-a16129bc87c3ece5086e8b19befe8be5-NYC meetup 08 031.jpg
i-5c969072882ca01b601bce795b0755ef-NYC meetup 08 032.jpg
i-4dd6d524a2df5f2262d216876fdca75c-NYC meetup 08 033.jpg
i-e3ae8ce6383262fbe12369696efc5092-NYC meetup 08 034.jpg
i-af6368496cd49da07bf238a57af4a7db-NYC meetup 08 035.jpg
i-7e522ce68e4370ccbf4fc1292e90430f-NYC meetup 08 036.jpg
i-d376a14b956196dc17686db424dbdb26-NYC meetup 08 037.jpg


  1. #1 kate
    August 11, 2008

    so nice to see you (albeit briefly) this weekend!

    heard the rest of the weekend was saturated in all sorts of goodness. (science goodness, of course) hope you enjoyed 🙂

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