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NYC SciBlings MeetUp – Friday dinner

A few more pictures. The room was dark so my camera used long exposure times, so some of the pics are fuzzy, but hey, I am an amateur:

i-fce6912ccfe9e9a28032251a1119a349-NYC meetup 08 057.jpg

i-be9ca6a2b2b7cdf1d6e0fd4e87a5fbf3-NYC meetup 08 054.jpg
i-0062a1094abe5895c1e1c5f790074812-NYC meetup 08 055.jpg
i-e02f29350d57479936411085e86ebf46-NYC meetup 08 056.jpg
i-93bb273204a83de6d8b7f7098016820c-NYC meetup 08 058.jpg
i-d5a87a3a52078613124e280b0127e787-NYC meetup 08 059.jpg
i-95c34a445241cd94c48dbe78e2960e40-NYC meetup 08 060.jpg
i-4b380991dafbc7690d801f3138cbb36d-NYC meetup 08 061.jpg
i-e078535675a1b0da3a06959fa67d5b0a-NYC meetup 08 062.jpg
i-f392148710562398ecee94cb678991f9-NYC meetup 08 063.jpg
i-4f08bb8ead3a2bd90bbf4350d983c555-NYC meetup 08 064.jpg