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i-5a47cff0047a5ca44b162ec594b93e97-NYC meetup 08 024s.jpg

i-1e5591ad1ef420e7da533afed3ac466b-NYC meetup 08 012s.jpg
i-537ecfc5f0c04312bb6691cdc1f66960-NYC meetup 08 013s.jpg
i-4c3d516858669330c76a253aa602a7f3-NYC meetup 08 014s.jpg
i-92bb9dce0b16f51f0e44360c58262f53-NYC meetup 08 016s.jpg
i-67fe77f3273e21c899aa31bf0e614252-NYC meetup 08 017s.jpg
i-a92ced11a772a082d5a8766645257649-NYC meetup 08 018s.jpg
i-cb9b25827e16f5fb4a543203bf9c5099-NYC meetup 08 019s.jpg
i-80a3a6bb1fd0fbd9124b9f1bdf37792b-NYC meetup 08 020s.jpg
i-7cbc0f7496e1b783c4c0b254d06da65c-NYC meetup 08 021s.jpg
i-b60381cfe5b5a341bfba46cde3211253-NYC meetup 08 022s.jpg
i-0b95c17932e4a91c5a3676add8992074-NYC meetup 08 023s.jpg
i-5a8c5435b3b25e6b2a71c50fc0581965-NYC meetup 08 025s.jpg
i-c6f9ac323a04e3d198a42b3b4e4c07e8-NYC meetup 08 026s.jpg
i-36ae91eb2a1774fbb9f36cd91e699cec-NYC meetup 08 011s.jpg
i-fd04b382968c1dba0f42399462046ea0-NYC meetup 08 027s.jpg
i-89625030ccf555bf6433b75a32f26213-NYC meetup 08 028s.jpg
i-f672f71b8387ab80aff80eba4efd7257-NYC meetup 08 029s.jpg
i-7553f56274387d6ea48607f7031c2a73-NYC meetup 08 030s.jpg
i-01dd900d7eb590005578f6dad1e32e25-NYC meetup 08 031s.jpg
i-e55ee2d6502ff4d9b71b255bed74dcf4-NYC meetup 08 032s.jpg
i-cbe2a3b7f06f445fe4c1faa419600d5f-NYC meetup 08 033s.jpg
i-3939becb64edfa3d4f2390399fa78dcd-NYC meetup 08 034s.jpg
i-b95ce4b946a2d61240154420933b6ec0-NYC meetup 08 035s.jpg
i-87d2e7a58668c0f8d1fd06dae7c68f2e-NYC meetup 08 036s.jpg
i-2748768a716f72904074ecc57c39bf7b-NYC meetup 08 037s.jpg
i-f8d1306c2e39f54bb99ddc068ca4fab1-NYC meetup 08 038s.jpg


  1. #1 Greg Laden
    August 12, 2008

    I swear I can see Jesus’ Face in that steak. Kinda sideways like but its there, I swear.

  2. #2 Coturnix
    August 13, 2008

    But it tasted much better than a cracker.

  3. #3 themadlolscientist, FCD
    August 19, 2008

    Putting bunny ears on Darwin! For shame!

    BTW, that steak’s way overdone.

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