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Again, in a dark room, my camera used long exposures and thus many pictures are fuzzy. But you can see that we had lots and lots of readers come to see us, together with the NYC Skeptics:

i-d02a158a54d9142594153b6acef27b21-NYC meetup 08 051s.jpg

i-7acd5431c70115cadb7a0981005bda59-NYC meetup 08 039s.jpg
i-c85bfc8c575b1464994c23196e4bd2a1-NYC meetup 08 040s.jpg
i-6c2cbbc7d94d02d4b413865d424fbbbe-NYC meetup 08 041s.jpg
i-756170b7b111f5be5e97987751cb919e-NYC meetup 08 042s.jpg
i-feca9de6536f386ae62a249967022c82-NYC meetup 08 044s.jpg
i-fdceca96e81b49e639f152ab2a07274a-NYC meetup 08 045s.jpg
i-774bacef95701ce5121b842a7c293da7-NYC meetup 08 046s.jpg
i-d650832070f835e63aa4defe828cfa3c-NYC meetup 08 047s.jpg
i-fe9c0e0d06fd43959ddc32d031f8f1f8-NYC meetup 08 048s.jpg
i-f704b2b6c871b8795b64375846ff1b1a-NYC meetup 08 049s.jpg
i-0610716a95c9feef4b57f1e4af3c43d0-NYC meetup 08 050s.jpg
i-48d98c8fa42cc91b91c3bd80f90871ea-NYC meetup 08 052s.jpg
i-7492474871fa712e5d3c128069348704-NYC meetup 08 053s.jpg
i-9651777735e912c5c0c6a0dd6a88405b-NYC meetup 08 054s.jpg
i-10b2e9594f78e680a598da874ecf5f13-NYC meetup 08 055s.jpg
i-94ad4bc430b8214d51b013ca284fd1d2-NYC meetup 08 056s.jpg
i-56595b52b69ac3323f9efdaca1cc4611-NYC meetup 08 058s.jpg
i-0a6a86703890b0cf0cd54d5dab5fe554-NYC meetup 08 059s.jpg


  1. #1 jen
    August 13, 2008

    Hi again! Thanks for coming to visit in NY — it was great fun to meet you and the other bloggers.

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