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More pictures, just a few. Some left out to protect anonymity, but mostly – I did not take that many as I was too busy tasting, and tasting again, and then again, some EXCELLENT wine:

i-d1bdd298bdc83fcd87e29d7cb419c6eb-NYC meetup 08 001p.jpg
i-63a5f1b216266c9340e5a6645af75d3c-NYC meetup 08 003p.jpg
i-100f8f8e3b5cfba4fa9aafd344c84d80-NYC meetup 08 004p.jpg
i-44b45a420768b2d5a097c1384f2b4203-NYC meetup 08 005p.jpg
i-0b1b5630e37086120ee663348aa8045d-NYC meetup 08 006p.jpg
i-1f002e79752a94dbbc270ad2d46be582-NYC meetup 08 007p.jpg
i-04c74d90dee85849cf885d6934c99921-NYC meetup 08 008p.jpg
i-ff71287d310a309d30a7f43f1e418d62-NYC meetup 08 011p.jpg