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My picks from ScienceDaily

Unexpected Large Monkey Population Discovered In Cambodia: Tens Of Thousands Of Threatened Primates:

A Wildlife Conservation Society report reveals surprisingly large populations of two globally threatened primates in a protected area in Cambodia.

‘Pristine’ Amazonian Region Hosted Large, Urban Civilization:

They aren’t the lost cities early explorers sought fruitlessly to discover. But ancient settlements in the Amazon, now almost entirely obscured by tropical forest, were once large and complex enough to be considered “urban” as the term is commonly applied to both medieval European and ancient Greek communities.

Scientists Discover Why Flies Are So Hard To Swat:

Over the past two decades, Michael Dickinson has been interviewed by reporters hundreds of times about his research on the biomechanics of insect flight. One question from the press has always dogged him: Why are flies so hard to swat?

Why Did The Squirrel Cross The Road?:

A study has shown that red squirrels can and do make use of special crossings set up over busy roads. A researcher from the University of Leeds’ Faculty of Biological Sciences conducted a survey to discover whether red squirrels living in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park were using rope bridges installed by a local wildlife group.

Diversity Among Parasitic Wasps Is Even Greater Than Suspected:

A tiny wasp that lays its eggs under the skin of unwitting caterpillars belongs to one of the most diverse groups of insects on Earth. Now researchers report that its diversity is even higher than previously thought.