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Science in the Triangle

Science in the Triangle is a community service provided by the Museum of Life + Science, in partnership with Blue Pane Studio. There, in one place, you can find news and information about science events and research in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Duke Bloggerhood

A nice article about Durham bloggers today (it will be on paper later, online for now). Bloggers featured or linked include, among others, my friends Anton Zuiker, Pam Spaulding, Sheril Kirshenbaum and Lenore Ramm.

My picks from ScienceDaily

Eyes Evolved For ‘X-Ray Vision’: Forward-facing Eyes Allow Animals To ‘See Through’ Clutter In The World: The advantage of using two eyes to see the world around us has long been associated solely with our capacity to see in 3-D. Now, a new study from a scientist at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has uncovered a truly…

New and Exciting in PLoS this week

So, let’s see what’s new in PLoS Genetics, PLoS Computational Biology, PLoS Pathogens and PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases this week. As always, you should rate the articles, post notes and comments and send trackbacks when you blog about the papers. Here are my own picks for the week – you go and look for your…

Today’s carnivals

Friday Ark #206 is up on Modulator Carnival of Evolution #1 is up on apparently its own site.


Sometimes success is due less to ability than to zeal. – Charles Buxton

Used postdocs

There is a new letter to Nature – Postdoc glut means academic pathway needs an overhaul – which I cannot read as I have no access, but others are discussing it on FriendFeed and there have been recent posts on the topic of endless/hopeless postdoc positions on DrugMonkey and The Alternative Scientist. Bill sums it…

Scienceblogs Millionth Comment parties!

Yes, you have heard right. There will be parties around the world, wherever SciBlings are, celebrating the one millionth comment on scienceblogs.com, expected to happen some time mid-September. You can meet Sciblings and fellow-readers at parties in Michigan, Oklahoma, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, London and other places – watch all the blogs…

Open Access Day!

SPARC, Students for FreeCulture and PLoS are organizing the first ever Open Access Day on October 14, 2008. This is also the 5th birthday of PLoS Biology, the oldest of seven PLoS journals. For this occasion, the organizers have put together a nice website/blog where you can find all the information. You can watch videos…

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