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My picks from ScienceDaily

Meat-eating Dinosaur From Argentina Had Bird-like Breathing System:

The remains of a 30-foot-long predatory dinosaur discovered along the banks of Argentina’s Rio Colorado is helping to unravel how birds evolved their unusual breathing system.

Discovering How Human-caused Sounds Affect Marine Mammals:

The Marine Board-ESF published its 13th Position Paper, which presents a view from marine mammal specialists on the research needed to assess the effects of anthropogenic sound upon marine mammals.*

Microbes ‘Run The World’: Metagenomics Increasingly Used To Characterize Them:

Mostly hidden from the scrutiny of the naked eye, microbes have been said to run the world. The challenge is how best to characterize them given that less than one percent of the estimated hundreds of millions of microbial species can be cultured in the laboratory.

Free-Living Protozoa Found In Meat-Cutting Plants:

A first time survey of free-living protozoa in meat-cutting plants showed high diversity rates of various species including those that could harbor food-borne pathogens say researchers from Ghent University, Belgium.

New Astroviruses Identified In Bats:

New research out of The University of Hong Kong, China and the HKU-Pasteur Research Centre, Hong Kong suggests that bats are reservoirs of a newly identified group of astroviruses, a significant agent of diarrhea in many species including humans.