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Bloggers at the Zoo – movies #3

Here are another five clips (out of a total of 47) from the Millionth Comment party at the NC Zoo:

Viral video marketing of science instruments seems to be flurishing: Monty Python and the Holy Instrument:

The hook-up culture

Amanda is in the middle of reading Michael Kimmel’s Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men and has posted the first, preliminary review, with some very interesting explorations by the commenters as well (I guess the MRAs did not get there yet to ruin the discussion). The review is focusing on the societal gender…

My picks from ScienceDaily

Today’s carnivals

The Accretionary Wedge #13: Geology in Space – is up on goodSchist Encephalon #55 is up on Neuroscientifically Challenged Berry Go Round #9 is up on Gravity’s Rainbow Friday Ark #210 is up on Modulator Carnival of the Green #147 is up on Confessions of a Closet Environmentalist

I always get excited when Paul Sereno publishes a paper in PLoS ONE and today is one such day – his third paper in this journal within a span of less than a year (the first was the paper with detailed description of Nigersaurus and the second was the article on Green Sahara cemeteries). Today’s…

‘Normal’ body temperature? Not really.

Once a year, I go back to my alma mater and do a guest lecture about biological clocks in an Anatomy & Physiology class. Knowing how many pre-meds are among the 200 students in the room, I try to start with some examples of rhythms in human physiology (and disease), and the first one is…

SciBlings at ScienceOnline’09

You may remember how last two years I introduced all registrants for the blogging conferences, 2-3 people per day. I decided this year to do it less often, but to introduce more people in each post. Let me start with an easy group to gather – my Sciblings: Brian will be there. Grrrrl will be…

My picks from ScienceDaily

Bloggers at the Zoo – movies #2

Another 5 (out of 47) short clips from the Millionth Party at the NC Zoo: