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Lawrence Lessig for Copyright Czar!

Peter Suber, James Love and Glyn Moody have already blogged about this, but we need to make sure this spreads far and wide:

The AAP and Copyright Alliance want to prod the next President of the US to tilt the unbalanced US copyright law further toward publishers. According to a letter the AAP sent to its members (thanks to James Love and Glyn Moody), the two organizations are trying to identify the positions “that will influence intellectual property policy”, and will then “offer suggestions regarding appropriate candidates for these positions to both presidential campaigns.”

But first they want to blackball one potential nominee:

…AAP is concerned, for example, that based on their past academic relationship, Senator Obama might choose among his appointments a divisive figure such as Larry Lessig – a law professor and leading proponent of diminished copyright rights….

Yup, those are the PRISM arguments – black is white, up is down, and Lessig is anti-copyright!@#$%^&*

So, how can we help push Lessig to get appointed Copyright Czar in the Obama administration? After all, nobody in the world knows more about it than him and he would be a perfect person for the job.


  1. #1 llewelly
    October 26, 2008

    Bombard Obama with email? March on Washington? What did it say in that book by by Saul what’s his face, Salinsky?

  2. #2 Nick
    October 26, 2008

    Someone should make a pro-Lessig for Copyright Czar website and then try to get the blogosphere behind it in order to increase its visibility.

  3. #3 abb3w
    October 26, 2008

    Lessig is more interested in reigning in government corruption these days. Perhaps he’d be interested in AG? =)

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