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Kids, share your toys!

In the end, I could not make it to the Obama rally in Raleigh, but other bloggers did.

If I did, I would have been one of the 28000 people to be the first to hear the “peanut butter and jelly” thing:

I think this is great framing – getting your mind back to the time you were a child. Who do you want to play with: a kid who shares his toys, or the old man who shouts “Get off my lawn!”? Do you prefer a parent who beats you every day, or a parent who teaches you how to get along with others?


  1. #1 The Ridger
    October 30, 2008

    Like someone at TPM said: Damn that Obama! Doesn’t he realize the peanuts are deadly! How many children did he endanger with his reckless pb&j sharing?

  2. #2 Bjoern Brembs
    October 31, 2008

    lol 🙂 These past few days I’ve been watching this “socialist” debate with growing bemusement. As a European, “he’s a socialist, he wants to spread the wealth” sounds like: “He wants to abolish slavery!” Sharing has never been a bad word in Europe and it’s really cool how Obama is trying to bring that sort of sentiment to the US.

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