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Here – a compilation of ten facts:

Congratulations, liberal/progressive/terrorist! This is the first Thanksgiving in eight years where you represent the political majority. Because you know who voted with you? Oh, just fifty-three percent of the United States of America. HELL YEAH! Who’s a member of the fringe lunatic this holiday season? Not you!

But what happens if your right-wing relatives still want to debate the outcome of the election? Defang your conservative loved ones with these ten helpful facts!:

But since when are facts supposed to be of any interest to Republicans? Their modus vivendi is to ignore the facts, “make their own reality”, then get surprised when Reality hits them in the face (see: Katrina, Iraq, financial meltdown, etc.).


  1. #1 Name withheld out of fear
    November 27, 2008

    I memorized this list but ended up getting out of there just before it was needed.

    As I was leaving .. “Obama was bing so unpresidential, if you know what I mean. Talking on and on about Dog Poop and such…”

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