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ScienceOnline’09 – Friday events


The Friday page for the ScienceOnline09 is not up to date yet, but will be soon.

What is planned?

In the morning, there will be something related to coffee – Coffee Science of sorts. Place and time TBA.

For lunches, you are free to organize yourselves by editing the Friday page.

In the afternoon, we will have a set of Lab Tours starting at 2:30pm and ending around 4pm. BRITE and NC Museum of Natural Science are already set in stone. Several others are still in the process of finalizing the details (e.g., how many participants, etc.). We will soon have the complete list up on the wiki so you can start signing up for them.

The evening program will start with a Friday Fermentable (at Sigma Xi) with these guys (yes, listen to the whole show – it is worth your time) at around 6:00pm. The sign-up page will come up for this soon as well.

Then, WiSE takes over at 6:45pm with registration and a Networking/appetizers/local groups fair event, i.e., come to eat, drink and schmooze. At 8pm, we’ll get into the big room for The Big Speech of the conference – by Rebecca Skloot. Title is still TBA, but it will have something to do with science, women in science, careers and science communication.

Afterwards, I guess we’ll all move accross the road to Radisson bar for some more drinks.

Keep an eye on the Friday page for all of the details over the next several days.


  1. #1 Eva
    November 27, 2008

    Coffee!!!! But my plane lands at 10:30 I think, so that will probably too late. Bah.

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