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KRISTOF: Obama’s ‘Secretary of Food’?

In today’s NYTimes:

As Barack Obama ponders whom to pick as agriculture secretary, he should reframe the question. What he needs is actually a bold reformer in a position renamed “secretary of food.”

A Department of Agriculture made sense 100 years ago when 35 percent of Americans engaged in farming. But today, fewer than 2 percent are farmers. In contrast, 100 percent of Americans eat.

Renaming the department would signal that Mr. Obama seeks to move away from a bankrupt structure of factory farming that squanders energy, exacerbates climate change and makes Americans unhealthy — all while costing taxpayers billions of dollars….


  1. #1 Left_Wing_Fox
    December 11, 2008

    I don’t see how changing the name is going to make a difference to the lobbying or policy changes that need to happen. More than that, it ignores the increasing role agriculture may play in the generation of fuel and manufacturing materiel.