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Now, THAT’S a science blog!

Introducing Sex, Drugs and Rockin’ Venom: Confessions of an Extreme Scientist by Dr. Bryan Grieg Fry, the venom biologist!

New and Exciting in PLoS ONE

There are 24 new articles in PLoS ONE today. As always, you should rate the articles, post notes and comments and send trackbacks when you blog about the papers. You can now also easily place articles on various social services (CiteULike, Connotea, Stumbleupon, Facebook and Digg) with just one click. Here are my own picks…

On Gould and rates of evolution

Three Obligatory Readings of the Day: Brian Switek: Stephen Jay Gould’s view of life Larry Moran: An Adaptationist View of Stephen Jay Gould Greg Laden: How fast does evolution happen?

Welcome the newest SciBling!

Go say Hello to Rebecca Skloot, the newest addition to the Scienceblogs.com family, and her blog Culture Dish. Check out her About page and the first post.

And what Joe says in response? He claims that he got his information from NYTimes and Washington Post, not realizing that those two publications are just as superficial as he is. Yes, Joe, throw those out and call Zbig if you want to get educated, not that he does not have his own agenda and…

Let’s highlight some more of the participants of this year’s ScienceOnline09 conference: Karen James is the Director of Science for The Beagle Project, writes the Beagle Project Blog and also works full time at the Natural History Museum in London doing original research in the Department of Botany. At the conference, Karen will be on…

Greg Cahill (1958-2008)

It is with great sadness that I learned that Dr.Greg Cahill died a few days ago, at the Houston airport, waiting for his flight. I have met Greg at several meetings of the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms and while, those being fairly large meetings, we never had big one-on-one conversations, I remember him…

Today’s carnivals

Edition #12 of Berry-Go-Round is up on Foothills Fancies Grand Rounds 5.15: At the interface of evolution and medicine are up on Moneduloides Carnival of the Green is up on Ruscombe Green Carnival of the Elitist Bastards: Stardate 62453.9 is up on Submitted to a Candid World Friday Ark #223 is up on Modulator

Grackles are Smart! (video)

My picks from ScienceDaily