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Darwin Day in the Blogosphere

Lots of excitement this week on science blogs and other fans of reality.

The biggest biggy of the biggest biggies is Blog For Darwin blog swarm – submit your entries here.

But there are some other, smaller initiatives out there. For instance, this Darwin Meme. And Darwinfest haiku contest.

And if you are blogging more seriously and sholarly about Darwin’s place in history, or his publications, then certainly that would fit into the next Giant’s Shoulders carnival.

On Twitter, follow and use the #Darwin hashtag. On FriendFeed, I am assuming that the Life Scientists room will be the place to go.


  1. #1 James F
    February 10, 2009

    May I heartily recommend this group on Facebook:

    Can we find 200,000 by Feb 12 to wish Darwin a happy 200th birthday?

    They are doing a great job promoting Darwin Day – they are already featured online in Scientific American and National Geographic, there will be a “birthday phone call” featuring prominent scientists and science writers, and they just broke 160,000 members. Join the party!

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