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Blog Pick Of The Month at PLoS ONE

If you write blog posts about PLoS ONE papers, you are eligible for a prize every month! I explain in some detail here, but this is the main point:

…every month, I will read all the blog coverage aggregated on ResearchBlogging.org and pick a blog post that, in my opinion, showcases the best coverage of a PLoS ONE article. I know, there is no way to quantify the “quality” of writing, so my picks will be personal. I will be looking for the posts that do the best job at connecting the center of the [science publishing] ecosystem – the paper – to the outside world. I will announce the winner here on the 1st of the following month and we’ll send the blogger a small prize as a sign of our appreciation.

You still have four days to write for the March prize, then keep writing with the April prize in sight…


  1. #1 Mo
    March 30, 2009

    Bora: I tried to post a comment here yesterday, with links to 2 articles I wrote about PLoS papers. It has probably been filtered as spam.

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