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Book Club: ‘Bonk’ by Mary Roach

I loved Mary Roach’s ‘Stiff’ when it first came out, so I was excited to see that Sheril started a book club reading the third book, Bonk, by the same author. My copy just arrived, so I will be participating as much as I can find the time.

Some of my SciBlings have already read and reviewed the book, e.g., SciCurious, or have the book and intend to read it, like Brian and Dr.Joan.

Sheril introduces the book here and begins the club, strangely with Chapter 5, here. Join in.


  1. #1 Laelaps
    April 23, 2009

    Thanks for the link, Bora! I did read BONK, I just didn’t blog about it at the time. Looks like I will be going back to it over the next few weeks!

  2. #2 skyotter
    April 23, 2009

    i [heart] Mary Roach! like the blurb on the back of Bonk’s jacket says, if she wrote a history of quonset huts, i’d read that too!

    her middle book, Spook, is my own favorite

  3. #3 cm
    April 26, 2009

    What is up with short one-word Germanic-sounding English titles for science or social criticism books lately?


    I know what’s up: Blink made so much money!

  4. #4 opony szczecin
    April 26, 2009

    Yes ,it’s my favourite too

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