A Blog Around The Clock

Why so few posts?

In the beginning, blogs were mainly collections of links. With the development of blogging platforms, many bloggers moved on to long-form writing. But blogs were still places for a lot of linkfests, or link-plus-one-liner posts as well. My blog has always been a mix of both styles. Thus, my average of 8.2 posts per day.

But recently, you may have noticed the most definite reduction in the number of posts per day. Why?

First, because I heard some complaints about my blog being a firehose of stuff that is “boring, just links” (although others said that my role as a trusted filter was appreciated).

Second, there are now much more appropriate platforms for such quick-link posts – and I have moved much of my quicky posts there.

If you are interested, i.e., if you appreciate my role of a ‘trusted filter’, then you can find those linkfests on my Twitter where I get some responses. My tweets (as well as links to blogposts) immediately show up on my FriendFeed stream where there are often additional comments, by a different set of people (you can also see what other stuff I like and comment on here). A few minutes later, that stream gets imported into my Facebook Wall where a completely different set of people may add their own comments. Thus, much of the conversation I participate in online has moved to those three social networks. Blog remains for the longer, more thoughtful posts that cannot be summarized in 140 characters, and also for posts that I think are the most important, e.g., news or announcements that I want to be seen by the greatest number of people (this blog still has more subscribers and visitors than my Twitter followers, FriendFeed subscribers and Facebook friends).

In other words, I am trying to adapt my online behavior to the current, new type of journalistic workflow. I hope you follow my experiment with me, in whichever of those four places you like and feel comfortable with.