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The human brain is like a TV set. When it goes blank, it’s time to turn off the sound. – Pat Elphinstone

Only a few days left…

…until I pronounce the Blog Post Of The Month for May. Make sure your post is aggregated on ResearchBlogging.org. There are 33 entries there so far – make sure yours shows up there by May 31st at midnight EST.

Today’s carnivals

Encephalon #71: Big Night – is up on Neuroanthropology Friday Ark #244 is up on Modulator Carnival of the Green #181 is up on Green Phone Booth Praxis is dead (it takes a few months of hand-holding and arm-twisting for a carnival to get its own life,….) Call for Submissions for the Diversity in Science…

I am trying to put together a list of science, nature and medical blogs based in North Carolina, mainly in order to update the Blogroll/aggregator on the Science In The Triangle media page. I tried to put together, out of my own memory, the names and URLs of blogs based in NC, but I need…

My picks from ScienceDaily

Clock Quotes

Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. – Henry Lewis Mencken

Identify Mystery Mammal

Clock Quotes

Although you may remain somewhere for a long time, It is certain that you will have to leave; Whatever may be the manner of parting, The actual going cannot be avoided. – Nagarjuna

Night, night, Ida…

Some 47 million years ago, Ida suffocated in the volcanic ashes. I feel the same way at the end of this week – I need to get some air. And some sleep. But watching the media and blog coverage of the fossil around the clock for a few days was actually quite interesting, almost exhilarating…

Welcome the newest SciBling!

Go say Hello to Christina Pikas at Christina’s LIS Rant – yes, we got another librarian! w00t! You can check the archives of her old blog here.