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OpenLab09 – submissions so far

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Here are the submissions for OpenLab 2009 to date. As we have surpassed 180 entries, all of them, as well as the “submit” buttons and codes and the bookmarklet, are under the fold. You can buy the 2006, 2007 and 2008 editions at Lulu.com. Please use the submission form to add more of your and other people’s posts (remember that we are looking for original poems, art, cartoons and comics, as well as essays):

A Blog Around The Clock: On Being a Nurse- a guest post
A Blog Around The Clock: Yes, Archaea also have circadian clocks!
A Blog Around The Clock: Why social insects do not suffer from ill effects of rotating and night shift work?
A Blog Around The Clock: Circadian Rhythm of Aggression in Crayfish
A Blog Around The Clock: Co-Researching spaces for Freelance Scientists?
A Blog Around The Clock: The Shock Value of Science Blogs
A Blog Around The Clock: Defining the Journalism vs. Blogging Debate, with a Science Reporting angle

A Hot Cup of Joe: Artificial Cranial Modification: Trephination
A Hot Cup of Joe: Artificial Cranial Modification: Head Shaping

a k8, a cat, a mission: Moms asking for help
a k8, a cat, a mission: What does good mentorship look like?
a k8, a cat, a mission: Praise and Appreciation
a k8, a cat, a mission: Proximate mechanisms
a k8, a cat, a mission: The lives of women in science

Anna’s Bones: Stripped, Part II – ‘The Aquiline Nose’

Astroblog: Galileos’ DNA, and different forms of Blindness

Backreaction: The Variational Principle

The Beagle Project Blog: What is the difference between HMS Beagle and RMS Titanic?

Beyond the Short Coat: Hard Conversations: Vaccines and Autism, Part 1
Beyond the Short Coat: Starting off strong
Beyond the Short Coat: Bittersweet

Biochemical Soul: Darwin and the Heart of Evolution

BioLOG: Publish or Perish: Writing Strategies

Birds and Science: Caged budgerigars and invasive parakeets
Birds and Science: How do huge bird colonies synchronize?
Birds and Science: Fight and coordination in bird duets
Birds and Science: The magic of a dancing flock of starlings

Brontossauros em meu Jardim: Navigation is required*: the incredible case of the desert ant

Canadian Girl Postdoc in America: The Gaza Strip of Graduate School
Canadian Girl Postdoc in America: Science’s true tragedy
Canadian Girl Postdoc in America: The Value of Science in Canada

Caribbean Paleobiology: De la tierra al agua (would have to be translated into English in order to be considered).

Coyote Crossing: Spermophilus

Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal: Shed A Tear For The Cryosphere
Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal: The Case of The Missing Sun Spots
Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal: A Profound Quote From Carl Sagan

Deep Sea News: Biodiversity Pt. 1: Richness vs. Evenness or What Kinds Of Beer Are In My Refrigerator

Effect Measure: Human seasonal H1N1 flu in Giant Anteaters

Evolutionary Novelties: The glamour of marine biology

Evolving Thoughts: Apes and evolution in the news
Evolving Thoughts: The Demon Spencer

Expression Patterns: A Squishy Topic
Expression Patterns: Mr. Darwin, you make me blush

GeĆ³fagos: Carbon sequestration by soils

Highly Allochthonous: Is the Earth’s magnetic field about to flip?

I, Editor: What I Think About When I Think About Manuscripts

The Intersection: Singled Out

Island of Doubt: Sea level rise a red herring?
Island of Doubt: What goes up must come down

Laelaps: Poor, poor Ida, Or: “‘Overselling an Adapid’

The Lay Scientist: Catching Snowflakes: The Media and Public Perceptions of Disease
The Lay Scientist: Guest Post: Reflections on the Realities of Measles

Living the Scientific Life: Plumage Color Influences Choice of Mates and Sex of Chicks in Gouldian Finches, Erythrura gouldiae
Living the Scientific Life: Let’s Give Three Bronx Cheers for Bumblebees!
Living the Scientific Life: Dead Birds Do Tell Tales

The MacGuffin: Topiramate Does Not Treat Alcohol Dependnece: Part 1

Made With Molecules: Hey Baby, what’s your AVPR1A like?

Mad Scientist, Junior: Pretty Pictures That Toaster Takes

Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets: An Interesting Patch of Quicksand

Masks of Eris: Mathematics instruction as a fish

Mauka to Makai: The Hurdles of Nurdles

Migrations: What Use is Half a Wing – Evolution of Flight

Mind the Gap: In which I ponder economies of scale
Mind the Gap: In which I tend a strange garden
Mind the Gap: In which I ramp up
Mind the Gap: In which I muster a hypothesis
Mind the Gap: In which I continue to suspend disbelief
Mind the Gap: In which the data back up our habitual suspicions
Mind the Gap: In which I wade through the fringes of textbook fact
Mind the Gap: In which I dally with both sides
Mind the Gap: In which I am given weird treasures
Mind the Gap: In which I confront the aging process
Mind the Gap: In which I remember where I was when I heard – or possibly not
Mind the Gap: In which I defend the editorial profession – belatedly
Mind the Gap: In which I revisit the dark arts

More Grumbine Science: Results on deciding trends

The Mouse Trap: Action-selection and Attention-allocation: a common problem and a common solution?

Myrmecos Blog: Pyramica vs Strumigenys: why does it matter?

Neurodojo: Are big brains for adulterous cheating?

Neurophilosophy: Amnesia in the movies
Neurophilosophy: Brain & behaviour of dinosaurs
Neurophilosophy: Voluntary amputation and extra phantom limbs

Neurotopia: The Value of Stupidity: are we doing it right?
Neurotopia: Why I’m a Scientist
Neurotopia: Korsakoff’s Psychic Disorder in Conjunction with Peripheral Neuritis

New York Blog: Celebrity-based science and the decline of journalism
New York Blog: Food Tripping
New York Blog: The Restructuring of Graduate Education
New York blog: Left Socks and Negative Data
New York blog: The impact of the Impact Factor
New York blog: Frenzy over fossil misses the link

New York Minutes: Be afraid, be very afraid…wait, why?

NoR: Confessions of a Science Fair Dad (almost)

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Darwinius changes everything
Not Exactly Rocket Science: Gender gap in maths driven by social factors, not biological differences
Not Exactly Rocket Science: How research saved the Large Blue butterfly
Not Exactly Rocket Science: 35,000-year-old German flutes display excellent kraftwerk

Nothing’s Shocking: Should authors decide whether their revised paper is re-reviewed??
Nothing’s Shocking: No longer considered to be ‘Leaving Science’

Observations of a Nerd: How big things relate to sex, stress and testosterone
Observations of a Nerd: Why I am not a Darwinist, but we should celebrate Darwin Day
Observations of a Nerd: Darwin’s Degenerates – Evolution’s Finest
Observations of a Nerd: A Marine Biologist’s Story
Observations of a Nerd: The End Of The Age Of Man?

Oh, For The Love Of Science!: West Nile Virus in a Warming World

The Oyster’s Garter: Why you didn’t really want the job, Waiting for Godot edition

The Panda’s Thumb: Where do comets come from?
The Panda’s Thumb: The Real Reason Biologists Laugh at Creationists

Pharyngula: A brief moment in the magnificent history of mankind

Podblack Cat Blog: Are U(FO) Dreaming Of A Paranormal Christmas?
Podblack Cat Blog: Luck Of The Irish And Other Reasons To Avoid The Pub Today
Podblack Cat Blog: Pet Ownership – Maybe Not For Better Health, Perhaps Sense Of Humour?
Podblack Cat Blog: The Ode Less Practiced – Ericsson and Charness, 1994 / Fry, 2005

Prerogative of Harlots: He Blinded Me With Science

The Primate Diaries: The Nature of Partisan Politics
The Primate Diaries: Introducing a Primate
The Primate Diaries: Male Chauvinist Chimps or the Meat Market of Public Opinion?
The Primate Diaries: Superorganisms and Group Selection
The Primate Diaries: Rivalry Among the Reefs

Reciprocal Space: This is not good enough
Reciprocal Space: Respect my Authority

Reconciliation Ecology: Lost Sounds

The Red Notebook: The Moor Walk

Respectful Insolence: Academia: Slowing down the search for cures?

Science After Sunclipse: Where Does Our Information Come From?

Science. Why not?: Niche partitioning in orb-weaver spiders of Louisiana
Science. Why not?: The development of agriculture by the Attini tribe over the past 50 million years
Science. Why not?: American political opportunities are loaded against those who are simultaneously intelligent and honest
Science. Why not?: Could Pterosaurs Actually Fly?
Science. Why not?: Language is Culture and Culture is Language

Sciencewomen: Ask Sciencewomen: What name should I publish under?

The Scientist: On the nature of faith: Part 1
The Scientist: On the last days
The Scientist: On the passing of reprints
The Scientist: On saying goodbye
The Scientist: Ontology
The Scientist: Ontology #2
The Scientist: On winding down
The Scientist: On the weekend
The Scientist: On small victories
The Scientist: On the nature of networking: reprise
The Scientist: Grey Council
The Scientist: On interfaces
The Scientist: Coincidental Chemistry
The Scientist: On the Future
The Scientist: The year of living dangerously–Part 1
The Scientist: The year of living dangerously–Part 2
The Scientist: The year of living dangerously–Finale
The Scientist: What I want to do when I grow up
The Scientist: Inspiration
The Scientist: In which I watch the Watchmen, and land a new job
The Scientist: Ongoing
The Scientist: On Differences
The Scientist: On whizzy things and how they fall apart

Skulls in the Stars: Michael Faraday, grand unified theorist? (1851)
Skulls in the Stars: Levitation and diamagnetism, or: LEAVE EARNSHAW ALONE!!!

Song for jasmine: Charles Darwin’s first theory of evolution

Southern Fried Science: The ecological disaster that is dolphin safe tuna
Southern Fried Science: Bonehenge – Community action in science outreach
Southern Fried Science: Ethical debate: Personal liberty, jobs, conservation, and shark diving.
Southern Fried Science: Heroes and Villains
Southern Fried Science: A curious case of convergent evolution?
Southern Fried Science: Beyond Salmon
Southern Fried Science: Four things EVERYONE needs to know about sharks

Starts With A Bang!: The Camera that Changed the Universe: Part 1

Stripped Science: The right pairing (comic strip)
Stripped Science: Catfight (cartoon)

Suppertime Sonnets: In Which I Celebrate A Certain Member of the Lycaenidae Family (poem)

Tessa’s Braces: Exploratorium (comic strip)

Tom Paine’s Ghost: Taking Earth’s Temperature
Tom Paine’s Ghost: Beyond Energy

Tumors Galore: Tree Tumors
Tumors Galore: Lions, and tigers, and boils! Oh, my!

Ways.org: The journal scope in focus — putting scholarly communication in context

White Coat Underground: Journeys

Why is science important?: Richard P. Grant: beautiful and essential
Why is science important?: Jennifer Rohn: severe skepticism, as natural as breathing
Why is science important?: Steffi Suhr: sure it’s pretty, but it’s much more impressive when you know why

xkcd: Correlation (cartoon)

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