A Blog Around The Clock

Homepage, yeah!

Drumroll, please*….

Check out my brand new and unique HOMEPAGE!!!!

I never had a homepage before. I never made a static web-page in my life. I made blogs. I made many, many blogs. And I always used my main blog (this one since summer of 2006) as my homepage. But now that I am all over the place, on various social networks, while reserving the blog for Most Important Stuff only, it makes sense to have a homepage that links to everywhere I am on the Web. It makes it easy to tell people in person how to find me. It makes it easy to make Moo.com business cards. It removes the need for a dozen links in the signature of my e-mail messages. Everything is at a single one-stop-shop page.

The page was designed and built by Arikia Millikan of The Millikan Daily, the former Overlord here at Scienceblogs.com. I love the clean look of the page – not easy to make it uncluttered for someone like me who is everywhere online. The header font is Caveman. The blog banner was painted by Carel Pieter Brest Van Kempen.

I may add a picture of myself to it soon (once I shave and get a haircut and get a nice picture taken), as well as a link to the Zazzle store. And that will, probably, be it. Keep it nice and clean and simple.

* thanks to Graham Steel for the link to the sound.