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Housekeeping time

I am superhappy with my brand new Homepage. So now I want to do all sorts of fixin’ around here.

The About page was horrendously out-dated so I did some quick fixes and edits to make it a little less embarrassing, though it probably needs a complete rethinking and rewriting from scratch one of these days.

But what should I do with the Blogroll?!?!

It is huge. And it is so out-of-date. And unmanageable. So many broken and dead links. Blogs that have quit months or years ago. And lacking so many blogs that I read now.

Option 1) delete the whole thing (nobody uses blogrolls any more)
Option 2) delete the whole thing and rebuild it, smaller, from scratch (people left out will be mad!)
Option 3) spend a few weeks fixing it: removing bad links, adding new blogs (will I ever find time and energy?)
Option 4) fix the existing or make a new blogroll and then make a widget on the sidebar that links to five random blogs from the blogroll (too scared to mess with templates on the new MT4 scienceblogs.com platform – likely to mess up the blog majorly).

Which option should I choose?


  1. #1 george.w
    September 8, 2009

    Every six months or so, I try to go through my blogroll and remove inactive blogs. It’s a nontrivial task. But doesn’t the Googles measure linkitubes or something? Blogging’s hard work, well worth a link for those I find sympathetic or interesting.

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