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Housekeeping news

A) If you click on any individual post on any Scienceblogs.com blog, you will see new sharing buttons on the bottom which make it very easy for you to, with a single click, send the link to that post to Twitter, Facebook and other social networking services (or e-mail to friends).

B) There is a new page on Scienceblogs.com – this one – where you can see all the comments made recently on all of our blogs. And, lo and behold, they are not all on Pharyngula posts! Once you scroll down and read them all, just refresh the page to see the new ones. Click and add your own comments. Get to know the bloggers (and their regular commenters) you are not familiar with yet. You can get to that page from any blog by looking at the right-hand margin and clicking on the “More Scienceblogs” menu, then choose “The Latest Comments”.


  1. #1 Name Withhled
    September 16, 2009

    Isn’t “B” a strategy by the management to not attribute hits to the individual bloggers thus depriving them of their livelihood?

  2. #2 Anon
    September 16, 2009

    … or perhaps a way of showcasing an interesting blog that a particular visitor has not yet seen, thus increasing the traffic to their livelihood? After all, the comment feed does not show what the original post was, and a salient comment might increase the number of visitors.

    Not disagreeing with you, Name Withhled, but simply stating another possibility. It is, it seems, an empirical question. I am curious whether the statistics will be examined; is this a net plus for individual bloggers? A plus for Seed? A minus for all? If it is a plus for readers but a minus for content providers, what then?

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