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Tweetlinks, 9-25-09

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Embargo? Embargo? The case of the missing flu paper – An open-and-shut case for open science?

Blogging geoscience meetings

Congrats to Cary, NC for being named as one of America’s “Next Cities” by Next Generation Consulting: Where Are the Next Cities?

RTP: To understand the history of science/technology parks read the NRC report, for future read ours – Future Knowledge Ecosystems: The Next Twenty Years of Technology-Led Economic Development

News, Medical Students, Social Network Analysis: Digital Histories can’t be Deleted

Beautiful world – award for science images –Lennart Nilsson Award

The best writing mistakes and how to make them.

Good user experience is not optional

fMRI of a dead salmon: Why dead fish have almost nothing to do with ‘voodoo correlations’ in neuroimaging

Coywolf (part wolf, part coyote): Evolution of a coywolf, and range expansion

A challenge for you: Community coworking space and Web worker job training

Clearwater Woman Attacked By Alligator and Gator Attack Way Too Close to Home

Words – Social networking has only added to the power of words.

Stacy Baker, Harold Kroto and Francis Eberle on NPR Science Friday: Building Science Education

Virtual Science University (videos)

Science (and more) to Music

Journey South – global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change.

Sleepless in America – a good blog about biology/medicine of sleep.

Monarch Navigation, Whale-eating Worms, UN Climate Summit – The World Science podcast

How Drinking Is Like Yoga…

Way to go, Charlotte — get out there and boogie down!

The Meaning of Liff By Douglas Adams and John Lloyd

Will The Singularity save journalism? New media virtual interview No. 2 – Chip Oglesby interviews Dan Conover.

Vickie’s Prostitution Blog. Recommended.

Good science, wrong answer – periodicities in the extinction record?

Title decoding, the Jabberqocky method.

How to talk to complete idiots – Three basic options. Choose wisely, lest you go totally insane