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Tweetlinks, 9-26-09

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How would Einstein use e-mail?

College students are not as intelligent and Smarter people go to college, so average university students less intelligent?

How blogging has augmented my career

More crappy flu journalism, this time Alternet [rant alert!]

@TrixieTracker @chillnc I remember as a blog is now a very useful phone App

The Secrets of Time Square’s Ridiculous Billboards

Friday Weird Science: The Hyena Mating Game

RT @thegarbagegirl: We’ve reached the garbage patch! [20 minutes ago from web] //the amazing blogging. (hashtag #SeaSaturday)

On the same ship that just entered the Garbage patch, bloggers: The Plastic Ocean and Oceanographic Research Vessel Alguita (hashtag #SeaSaturday)

David Brooks: our nation’s premier expert warrior

Terry Tao: A speech for the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (on how the internet is changing science, especially mathematics)

The Open PhD – What a Concept (discussion on FriendFeed)

Newswire Analysis: Google Scholar’s Ghost Authors, Lost Authors, and Other Problems

The Buglife Spider Hunt

Three evolution books reviewed and NCSE Reviews and A radio show and three book reviews

Is the best research unfunded research? Does getting a grant make one over-cautious and conservative?

RT @dangillmor More evidence that the old-style print folks have completely taken over WashPost editorial http://bit.ly/NRH1o what a waste – Post Editor Ends Tweets as New Guidelines Are Issued

RT @ccziv Interesting article on pet chickens by @susanorlean in 9/28 New Yorker: The It Bird and Ask the Author Live: Susan Orlean

Swinging Chicken Ritual Divides Orthodox Jews

This is an interesting list, by @Scobleizer, of people on Twitter you may be interested in following: You’re not on Twitter’s suggested user list but you are in good company

Tx @jayrosen_nyu for drawing attention to Wilmington StarNews (NC) @MyReporter ‘answerer’ http://www.myreporter.com/ The answer is 42, of course.