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Tweetlinks, 9-28-09

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Gordon Conference – Pineal Cell Biology: Mechanisms Of Circadian Rhythmicity And Melatonin Action

Nixon’s prepared speech if Apollo 11 astronauts got stranded on the moon

Free-market idolatry: Government not the only power to resist – “we need to rethink the common belief that says government is always the problem”

500+ science types on Twitter

David Bradley’s brilliant flow chart ‘To Follow or Not To Follow’ on Twitter

Why metaphors:Thinking literally

Understanding the Psychology of Twitter and More on the Psychology of Twitter, both parts focuse entirely on Lifecasting instead of Mindcasting.

Kati London and Kate Hartman demonstrating Botanicalls.

Science Education by Press Release

Circadian and Social Cues Regulate Ion Channel Trafficking

Considering Usual Medical Care in Clinical Trial Design

RT @ccziv Anybody besides me have a problem with James Rachels’ distinction btwn biological and biographical life, or notions of complexity?

Dale Maharidge Interview: Covering The Economic Pain Of Real Americans


Dialogue, not debate. (animal rights)

Testing the water with OA funds


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    October 1, 2009

    Thanks for the double link Bora, much appreciated.

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