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Tweetlinks, 9-29-09

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The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics: PLoS article-level metrics: substantial value add for authors

Is ‘Good Enough’ Good Enough for You?

Almost time for PLoS ONE Blog Pick Of The Month: Hurry up!

This is actually kind of serious: ‘Real Lives and White Lies in the Funding of Scientific Research’

How to provide safe, quality hospital care by increasing transparency

Adventures in Academia: On open access, Stanford’s leadership falters

Mark Patterson’s (PLoS) talk ‘Re-Engineering the Scientific Journal’ from the 1st OASPA Conference

The ABC of PLoS ONE – from ‘ant’ to ‘zebu’, we cover it all.

Triangle emerges as hotbed of advanced analytics

Take a Stand: How journalism can regain its relevance

Was Mighty T. Rex ‘Sue’ Felled By A Lowly Parasite?

Electric Fish Turn Down Charge for Energy Efficiency

Truth-seeking professionals and the public: Why is journalism unique? – why are academics/scientists given freedom, but journalists asked to relinquish it?

New Zealand launches a Science blog network! SciBlogs. Here is the press release: NZ’s largest science blog network goes live (Daniel Collins and Fabiana Kubke are familiar names to me – how about you?)

Last day to vote for @GrrlScientist – Who will go to Antarctica to be your official blogger?

Building Blogs of Science: On the virtues of having a lap

Next Generation Science: ScienceOnline2010 – Conference on Science and the Web