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Here are the submissions for OpenLab 2009 to date. As we have surpassed 380 entries, all of them, as well as the “submit” buttons and codes and the bookmarklet, are under the fold. You can buy the 2006, 2007 and 2008 editions at Lulu.com. Please use the submission form to add more of your and…

Today’s carnivals

Carnival of the Liberals #97 is up on BroadSnark

This is awesome – Botanicalls. See one of the developer’s amazing Ignite talk:

Clock Quotes

What is a thousand years? Time is short for one who thinks, endless for one who yearns. – Alain (1818-1951)

Tweetlinks, 9-27-09

Follow me on Twitter to get these, and more, in something closer to Real Time: Washington Post needs social media conversation, not restrictions and WaPo’s Social Media Guidelines Paint Staff Into Virtual Corner; Full Text of Guidelines. Ukraine’s Got Talent winner brings nation to tears (see video here). On the inaugural Long Table – A…

Jumping into science (video)

Background When Futurity.org, a new science news service, was launched last week, there was quite a lot of reaction online. Some greeted it with approval, others with a “wait and see” attitude. Some disliked the elitism, as the site is limited only to the self-proclaimed “top” universities (although it is possible that research in such…

On the radio later today

Anton and I will be on the radio, WXDU Durham Duke University Radio, tonight at 7pm. We will be interviewed by Christopher Perrien about ScienceOnline2010, science blogging, etc. This is a part of the Science In The Triangle series and the podcast will be available on iTunes early next week.

Clock Quotes

Sometimes the fool who rushes in gets the job done. – Al Bernstein

Tweetlinks, 9-26-09

Follow me on Twitter to get these, and more, in something closer to Real Time: How would Einstein use e-mail? College students are not as intelligent and Smarter people go to college, so average university students less intelligent? How blogging has augmented my career More crappy flu journalism, this time Alternet [rant alert!] @TrixieTracker @chillnc…