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Today’s carnivals

The 120th edition of the Skeptics’ Circle is up on Pro-science

Good news

Today, I accepted the invitation to join the editorial board of the Journal of Science Communication. Now I am reviewing my first manuscript….

Techie Tuesday

On Tuesday night I went to the RTP headquarters for Techie Tuesday, an occasional event when people who work in various companies in the Park come over, after work, and have some good food, a beer, and get to relax and chat and meet new people. It is quite a lot of fun. Pictures under…

Clock Quotes

Every day has been so short, every hour so fleeting, ever minutes so filled with the life I love, that time for me has fled on too swift a wing. – Aga Khan III

Tweetlinks, 9-24-09

47 institutions in 14 German Federal States will take part in the Open Access Week 2009. Prevention of Winter Depression Iran’s science minister does science the easy way: by plagiarizing [updated] Glenn Beck and left-right confusion Getting a jump on journalism bootstrapping ‘You and Your Research’ (PDF), or how to become the ultimate Ivory Tower…

Clock Quotes

There are times when fear is good. It must keep its watchful place at the heart’s controls. There is advantage in the wisdom won from pain. – Aeschylus

Tweetlinks, 9-23-09

Triangle is first stop in U.S. global health revamp CNN’s New Journalism Strategy: Out-Dumbass The Internet (video) Why Fall Colors Are Different in U.S. and Europe Cartooning Evolution Home, 1861-1925 – awesome evolution-themed cartoons from old newspapers. UNC pharmacy prof Stephen Frye on Ernie Hood’s Radio In Vivo today at noon EDT on WCOM-FM Survey…

Here are the submissions for OpenLab 2009 to date. As we have surpassed 370 entries, all of them, as well as the “submit” buttons and codes and the bookmarklet, are under the fold. You can buy the 2006, 2007 and 2008 editions at Lulu.com. Please use the submission form to add more of your and…


at the NC Zoo (photo taken by iPhone)

New and Exciting in PLoS ONE

There are 21 new articles in PLoS ONE today. As always, you should rate the articles, post notes and comments and send trackbacks when you blog about the papers. You can now also easily place articles on various social services (CiteULike, Mendeley, Connotea, Stumbleupon, Facebook and Digg) with just one click. Here are my own…