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Tweetlinks, 10-15-09

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Framing the Mexican wolf debate.

Beagle Project Blog: Darwin and the Adventure: media linkfest.

10 Huge Successes Built On Second Ideas misses Flickr….

Why I am getting both seasonal and swine flu vaccines and why you should, too.

Science Got Ardi Wrong or: The Enigma of Ardipithecus.

In which I have seen the future of science – update.

Riding the wave: Rethinking science & technology policy.

Six weeks to submit your blog post for the NESCent travel award. Check here for all entries to date.

Saved the search for #sciwri09 hashtag so I can follow the meeting here.

Darwinopterus and mosaic, modular evolution: It’s yet another transitional fossil!

The Spread of New Diseases:
The Climate Connection

Contrarian Double-X hires sociopath as friendship expert.

Health insurance: death panel refuses to cover a baby because it is too big!?! video.

The Book of Odds.

Blushing: RT @analauda: Yesterday was OA DAY @ Belgrade University. The most cited was @BoraZ & @PLOS, #PLOS is a hero of the week in Serbia

RT @DoctorZen Better Posters blog: How using http://prezi.com for talks might help your posters.

Evolved for Extinction?


From the Open Access Day in Belgrade, Serbia and OPEN ACCESS 2009 IN BELGRADE.

Why we need congress to pass the Federal Research Public Access Act: Access to Publicly-Funded Research: Why Not Now?

California agribusiness pressures school to nix Michael Pollan lecture.

Senators want tax-funded research online.